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CustomerCarePoint gives you a simple, cost effective way to listen to and respond to your real time... a MUST for customer care and customer retention. Enable Customers to Deliver Important Feedback, when they want, how they want. Better than a survey. Manage, analyze and respond to feedback in a central administrator area.


Give your customers a way to speak to you directly. See how at

For any organization, getting employee feedback is critical in this age of instant personal broadcasting. Surveys don't address immediate and pressing issues such as Harassment, Intimidation, Co-Worker issues.


You need to be on top of what's going on in your organization while you can manage it.
Not to mention the legal ramifications of not being aware of issues in the workplace.


theHelpPoint can give you a simple and effective communication path. See how at


theHelpPoint to has been chosen by the

Delivering training / educational content is only step one of the process. You need to evaluate how well it is being understood to get the ROI.

Where is comprehension weak or strong? How can you prove compliance?

But many solutions can be Expensive, Complicated to Implement, Unreliable and have a BIG learning curve for both administration and users.


QuizzPoint makes training and employee development easy and affordable, at any level of your organization.


And the best part is, we do it for you... until you decide to do it yourself

See how at

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