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CustomerCarePoint gives you a simple, cost effective way to listen to and respond to your real time... a MUST for customer care and customer retention.

Surveys don't address immediate and pressing issues that you need to know about.


Its crucial to allow customers to deliver important feedback... whenever they want, how they want... to the highest levels in your organization, so you can respond BEFORE it gets to SOCIAL MEDIA and causes irreparable damage to your brand.


Give your customers a way to speak to you directly. See how at

For any organization, getting employee feedback is critical in this age of instant personal broadcasting.


In most jurisdictions, the law requires you to be aware of issues such as harassment and intimidation within your organization... and the judgments awarded against companies just keep getting larger.


So you need to be on top of what's going on in your organization while you can manage it.

theHelpPoint can give you a simple and effective communication path. See how at


theHelpPoint to has been chosen by the

Delivering training / educational content is only step one of the process. You need to evaluate how well it is being understood to get the ROI.

Where is comprehension weak or strong?

How can you prove compliance?

But many solutions can be expensive, complicated to implement, unreliable and have a BIG learning curve for both administration and users.


QuizzPoint makes training and employee development easy and affordable, at any level of your organization.


And the best part is, we do it for you... until you decide to do it yourself

See how at

We Believe

1. People differentiate organizations - development and training are the keys to success.

2. Understanding your operating environment empowers you - to affect change... before it affects you.

3. Without customer feedback mechanisms in place, your organization is virtually operating with a blindfold.

Your Training

Your Internal Environment

Your External Environment

Today's socially interactive world demands that you are have the tools to receive instant input,

perform quick analytics and get real time reporting so you can always be on top of any situation.

Companies need to address these fundamental issues.

It doesn't need to be complicated and it doesn't need to be expensive.

Delivering training / educational content is only 1 part of the process.

You need to evaluate how well it is being understood to get the ROI.

Where is comprehension weak or strong? How can you prove compliance?

Immediate awareness of issues give you the power to affect the outcome.

Employees need a voice that will be heard where it can be effective.

Legal requirements to address harassment, intimidation etc. can't be ignored.

Knowing how your customers view you is critical to maintaining your brand image.

Issues / problems need to be addressed immediately before they hit social media.

2 way communication with your customers adds an effective marketing tool.

About QuizzPoint Corporation

Based in Toronto, Canada, QuizzPoint Corporation develops and markets cloud based software solutions for companies, social organizations, educational institutions who wish to have a simple, cost effective communication path with the people they employ, serve, train, and otherwise interact with.


Our products are specifically designed to be quick to implement, easy to use and inexpensive.

We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service.

Our Philosophy

To provide uncomplicated solutions to challenges that organizations face in the new world of instant broadcast communication.

To assist our clients as partners in their success and well being through reliability and accountability.

We believe software must be economical, easy to implement and use, and reliable with uncompromising support.

Our History

As a presentation, training consulting organization, we began developing personal software to address the growing need to deliver content in multiple formats and a simple way to track and report comprehension of that content so companies could evaluate and improve ROI.

The positive response we received convinced us to develop it into a stand alone tool that any organization could use.

Since then we have identified additional areas where industry and organizations have needs to improve communication, reduce risk and improve productivity.

Our software tools assist organizations to gather live feedback from their internal environment and real time response data from their customers.

The Principals

Paul Anthony Bernard - Managing Director

Has enjoyed experience & success in multiple sectors in his career, covering industry to entertainment. Paul speaks on Social Conduct and Workplace Productivity to raise awareness and start the conversation on important and sometimes sensitive matters that impact organizations.

His natural easy going manner and sense of humour give him a style that people instantly warm to.

Peter Curry - Managing Director

Peter began his first business pioneering the design and delivery of computer-based speaker support with animation and video, traveling the world with top level executives, managing the media component of their IPO roadshows.

Eventually his keen interest in being at the front of technology solutions led him to interactive CD and, together with current partners Paul and Jon, developing on line training solutions for fortune 500 companies. Peter believes in the 'less is more' philosophy in user interface design. It must be naturally intuitive to be successful.

Jon Bojicic - Managing Director

Jon wrote his own game software 20 years ago which he leased out for corporate events.

His years of experience in different programming environments give him the ability to build a rock solid, back end for our software using whatever language provides the best solution.

His meticulous attention to every detail of the development of our software is the key to its reliability. it just works!

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